Get to know the program

Shift is designed as an interactive virtual program, where in the first five weeks the participants dive into changemaker’s reality and get to know their story and project.

What motivates them? How did they overcome struggles? What is their dream for the project?

In the following five weeks, participants research and design their own social impact project with the guidance of the Shift team. As part of this second phase, participants create their project portfolio, which they present on Demo Day.

During the entire program, participants are divided in small Reflection Groups and accompanied by a Learning Facilitator, who helps them reflect about and extract learnings from their experiences.

The program has 9 delivery methods:


Being a learning program, Shift aims at helping participants develop as critical thinkers and inclusive leaders who can bridge across differences and collaborate to help create solutions for local and global challenges.

Shift is structured around four core competencies, each of which include two complementary competencies, as shown below:


Having a sense of co-responsibility and taking action to have a positive impact on one's community and the world.

Bridging differences

Actively seeking to understand differences in identities, experiences and cultures and being able to collaborate effectively across them.


Leveraging the strengths of others and creating an environment where everyone can contribute to accomplish a common goal, while acting responsibly with the interests of the larger community in mind.

Entrepreneurial mindset

Being able to identify opportunities and take initiative to translate them into innovative products or services, even if it involves taking risks.

Shift – Connections for Change will measure the development of these competencies of all participants throughout the program using the NOW App.