The younger generations are clear in their message that they need 21st century skills.

Most of them aren’t getting this through their formal learning paths. Many organizations, both for-profit and non-profit, multinational institutions, and governments are providing answers to that call.

However, there are many issues of accessibility and equity, and scaling isn’t happening fast enough: many more people need access to these skills.

Further, many global programs in a post-colonial environment keep in place old narratives of where power and knowledge lies geographically.

What is Shift?

Shift – Connections for Change is a 10-week international virtual program for young adults that allows participants to explore the reality of an existing changemaker in another part of the world and develop their own changemaker competencies and project.

Providing low-cost access to global high-level training, connecting aspiring changemakers to successful changemakers in countries such as South Africa, Argentina and Brazil.

On their competencies app they track 4 core competencies of leadership, bridging differences, entrepreneurial mindset, and changemaking. These 4 core competencies are supported by 8 other competencies such as creativity, accounting for privilege, and empathy.

The app further provides language around how to describe these competencies on their CV, job sites and in conversations with future employers.

The program allows participants to develop 21st Century Competencies linked to the following 4 core competencies:


Bridging differences


Entrepreneurial mindset


Shift works with real-life changemakers from different parts of the world. Here are three of them:

Maryanne Lettieri is part of the world’s first high school for trans people in Buenos Aires fighting against the marginalisation of her community. Besides teaching at the school, she’s an advocate for the employment of trans people in Argentina and beyond.

Xolisa Bangani is the creator of Ikaya Kulture Garden, a pioneering urban garden in Khayelitsha, one of South Africa’s biggest townships. His project offers hope and opportunities for young people in the community who’s suffering from violence and unemployment.

Odenilze Ramos is an environmental cyber activist from Brazil that fights for the sustainability and understanding of the Amazon’s diverse inhabitants. Together with her team of young women aged 15-25, she collects and disseminates information from across the Amazon.

About us

Shift is a collaboration of different organisations that care about equitable and accessible global education and shifting old narratives.